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        Aero Concept Co., Ltd.

  plant        : 3-8-10 Hachimangi, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture 334-0012
       : 048-286-8800

  FAX        : 048-286-8802

  CEO :  Kaoru Yoshioka

  Business content   ::  Precision sheet metal processing  

              Manufacture and sale of aero concept products

  E-mail      ::


Monozukuri I want

The world is full of things now

What is not there is something that enriches people's hearts

The world is full of convenience now

There is no richness and joy in the heart

"What I want" is an invisible thing,

That is the richness of the heart

AERO CONCEPT is an invisible thing

I wonder if I can connect what is visible.

The 18th anniversary of AERO CONCEPT with the support of everyone.

Focusing on the World limited that arrived at everyone

I've never seen it before

See the world of AERO CONCEPT on this site.


Keiichi Sugano

Craftsman Keiichi Kanno


If only one fountain pen will spell out many memories over a long period of time,

I wanted to make a case suitable for it.
I decided to make a bag because I wanted to say, "I only came to see you today."

AERO CONCEPT was born at a small town factory in Saitama.

From many years of technology and experience, I and my fellow craftsmen continue to create things that enrich the heart with the structure of the aircraft as a hint.

Salted rice balls made from freshly cooked rice,
The sunset sky that suddenly appeared in front of me
The richness of the heart that can impress them is our policy of manufacturing.

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